3/16″ Maple Drop Line Tool


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Making drop lines for collecting maple sap can be a pain. This tool makes it a piece of cake, just follow these steps:

1. Place the ends of the tubing in hot water, boiling water works well.

2. After the tubing has sat in the water for a minute or so, remove the tubing and place it in one half of the tool. The wider opening in the tool should be at the end of the tubing where the fitting will go. The tubing can stick out 1/8th to 1/4th of an inch.
3. Place the second half of the tool on top of the tubing.

4. Place the fitting on the end of the tube, squeeze the tool together to grip the tubing, and press against a hard surface.

5. Repeat the process until you’re done!

My first time using the tool I was able to produce 45 drops in around 15 minutes. The benefits of using the tool include:
• not handling hot tubing with bare hands
• no kinks in the tubing around the fitting
• no slips, resulting in banged up knuckles
• no more frustration making drop lines

For use with 3/16 tubing and fittings.

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