Temperature-Controlled Sap Pump Controller


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This device allows you to control sap pumps. The device allows you to set the outdoor temperature at which the pump turns on and off. Delays based on temperature and time can also be programmed into the unit. Lastly, there is an option to control a heater or lightbulb to prevent the pump from freezing.

The controller contains many features and is customizable to your needs. Included are two waterproof temperature probes that can be used to monitor the temperature of the pump box (ambient temperature) and outdoor temperature. The following settings are all adjustable:
• Starting and stopping the pump based on outdoor temperatures.
• Delay starting and stopping the pump based on a set amount of time.
• Override a starting and stopping delay if outdoor temperatures change rapidly.
• Starting and stopping a heater based on ambient temperatures.
Additionally, the unit:
• Can be powered using the included USB-C cable or via +6 to +15V DC.
• Can be set to manual mode to permanently run or stop the pump.
• Can be set to manual mode to permanently run or stop the heater.

Includes detailed instructions, 2 temperature probes (1 meter), and a USB C power cable. You can upgrade to longer cables if needed (2 and 3 meter cables available). When using with a solar setup I recommend using a 12V to USB adapter as charge controllers can spike above 15 volts.

More information is available here.

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